Caramel Peanut Butter Truffle Recipe

Caramel Peanut Butter Truffle Recipe

With our Caramel Peanut Butter being pretty much ‘Liquid Gold’, we couldn’t resist by making these Vegan Peanut Butter Truffles that make the perfect vegan treat for anytime of the day! They are the perfect size so you get a burst of silky smooth caramel bliss in one mouthful! How you enjoy them is completely up to you! Whether it is just one with your coffee or by the handful (don’t worry we won’t judge) you are sure to be reaching back for more!



½ cup Caramel Peanut Butter

7 tablespoons of almond flour (or oat flour, coconut flour)

100g 80% bittersweet chocolate

1 tablespoon coconut oil




In a bowl, combine peanut butter, almond flour until well-mixed, and a dough is formed.

Prepare a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Form thumbnail-size balls from the peanut butter mixture and arrange them in a single layer on the parchment paper. Place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes to harden.

In a bowl, add chocolate and coconut oil. Microwave in 30-second intervals, thoroughly stirring in between, until melted and smooth.

Take the peanut butter balls out of the freezer. Using toothpicks, dip a peanut butter ball in chocolate until coated on all sides. Place the coated ball back on the parchment paper.

Refrigerate until the chocolate shell is hardened, which may take about an hour.

This irresistible vegan treat recipe was created by Dera

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Whether they are vegan treats or savoury staples, we love to see your go to recipes with our products. 

Chilli Peanut Butter Noodle Recipe

Chilli Peanut Butter Noodle Recipe

Here at Norty we like to kick things up a notch and this Vegan Noodle Recipe with Chilli Peanut Butter is no exception. This quick and easy recipe is bursting with flavour and has a real kick up the a**!


1 Handful of Noodles

Chilli PB 🌶

1 Clove Minced Garlic

2tbsp Soy Sauce or Tamari

1 Thumb Sized piece of fresh chopped Ginger

1tbsp Olive Oil

1 Fresh Red Chilli small dice (if you wanna turn up the heat)

3 radishes thinly sliced

4 Sprigs Fresh Coriander

4 Sprigs Fresh Mint

4 Sprigs of Thai Basil (or normal if you don’t have though Thai Basil is the bomb 👌)

1 Handful Roasted Peanuts and Cashews (for extra crunch) 





Mix the Chilli PB with the soya, garlic, ginger, chilli and the oil and cook on low heat in a pan.

Cook the noodles in salted boiling water.

Once cooked toss in a frying pan with the PB mix. 

Turn the heat off and throw in the radish, fresh herbs and roasted nuts. Serve with an extra drizzle of PB on top ✌


This bomb Vegan Noodle Recipe and eye watering photos were created by Josh Campbell.

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How you can be a Zero Hero Waste Shopper in Bristol and Online

How you can be a Zero Hero Waste Shopper in Bristol and Online

Making the transition towards a more sustainable and plastic free lifestyle can be daunting, as well as, challenging especially if you are unsure of the best places and products that will slot into your lifestyle with ease. Subbing out your holy grail products can be scary especially if you are unsure where to start. But don’t worry we have done the hard work for you and made a list with all you need-to-know on the best places to shop; both online and Bristol zero waste shopping. So continuing the full force momentum of Plastic Free July here are our top picks to help you become a Zero Hero Shopper. 


Bristol Zero Waste Shopping


With Bristol being Norty’s stomping ground we definitely have our favourites and the intel to share with you. Bristol is truly spoilt for choice and it is hard not to stumble across a zero waste shop. However that can mean a lot of window shopping….which we both know can be very tiring and time consuming. But never fear we have chosen our top picks to save you time and make sure you are able to have the best Bristol zero waste shopping experience.  


Zero Green

Located on North Street


Preserve Foods

Located on Gloucester Road and Church Road. Plus, another store opening in Westbury-on-Trym imminently 



Located on Gloucester Road



Located on Gloucester Road




Wild Oats

Just off White Ladies Road


Smaller Footprints

Located in Clifton Village


Simply Green

For those that don’t live near the city centre, Simply Green is located in Nailsea and Portishead.  

Online Zero Waste Shops


Now for those not located in Bristol never fear we have not forgotten about you! With the world feeling like it is all moving online, there really are some great options to choose from. These online shops are the best of both worlds, you can shop sustainably whilst lounging at home. These safe havens will no doubt make you fill your shopping kart quickly and discover new items you never thought you needed! Even better, Weeartlondon’s inspo section, as well as, both the Kind Store and Plastic Freedoms blog, offer tips as well as brand focussed content for a more detailed shopping experience. 



The Kind Store

Plastic Freedom


Want more Plastic Free July tips? Check out our Top 10 Products that you slot in to your life with ease! 

Our Top 10 picks to go Nuts for this Plastic Free July 2020

Our Top 10 picks to go Nuts for this Plastic Free July 2020


With the beginning of the year feeling like an eternity it is crazy to think we have already reached July. With it being the month where us Brits wish for sun it is also a month to reflect on how to protect our planet and join the challenge of Plastic Free July.
Plastic Free July is a global challenge that provides resources and ideas to help you break out of the single-use ‘plastic bubble’ and encourages you to make small changes in everyday life; which together makes a positive impact for the future of the planet.
I wanted to share our top 10 brands and products that we personally love and think can easily slot in to anyone’s lifestyle.

Toothpaste: Ben & Anna

When I first saw this I absolutely loved the look and feel of the branding and the more I read the better it got! Personally I love their toothpaste for sensitive teeth which is fluoride free and comes with the cutest little spatula to help scrape the paste onto your toothbrush. With the toothpaste coming in recycled glass containers it not only replaces boring toothpaste tubes but makes a basic item of toothpaste feel that much more luxury.

Available from The Cruelty Free Beauty Box, Click Here.

Toothbrush: Truthbrush

Now I couldn’t leave my pick for toothpaste alone without the ultimate companion of a toothbrush. Truthbrush, created by Catherine and Catherine, offer organic bamboo toothbrushes that are naturally antibiotic! Personally I love a small headed toothbrush so that I can get all the way to the back of my mouth with ease and Truthbrush tick the box.

Available from: TruthBrush
In Bristol you can get bamboo toothbrushes from:
Preserve on Gloucester Road in Horfield
Zero Green on North Street in Bedminster
Harvest on Gloucester Road in Bishopston
Smaller Footprints in Clifton
Zero Waste Pantry in Wrington

Shampoo Bar: Wildgrove

I have been searching for a decent zero waste shampoo for the last 5 years, I kid you not and when I found Wildgrove I was SO happy. This beautiful being has absolutely nailed a great eco shampoo and conditioner; I absolutely love them both and cannot recommend them enough and trust me I have tried a lot of crappy shampoos and conditioners to get to this point. Wildgrove’s shampoo bar and conditioner ticks all the boxes and has now become a holy grail in my hair care with the shampoo lasting up to 100 washes (yeah you read that right!). This is without a doubt my absolute favourite Shampoo and Conditioner brand. My favourite smell: the Monkey Farts Shampoo!

Available From: Wildgrove
In Bristol you can purchase from Zero Green on North Street in Bedminster. Extra bonus is you can get it without any of their eco packaging if you are buying in store so it really is without any packaging!

Dish-Washing Block: Farm Soap Co.

I have just discovered Farm Soap Co. this week and absolutely love their branding and that everything is: vegan, handmade, contains no chemicals and is made using beautiful botanical botanicals grown in our friends garden at Deans Court. How amazing is that! I have a not so secret crush on Deans Court after doing a Wedding Day with them a few years ago and it was then that I discovered that they were the first garden in the UK that was Soil Association registered when Soil Association first started! Amazing place, definitely worth checking out.

This dish-washing block is an alternative to washing-up liquid and I cannot wait to try it out.

Head over to Farmsoap for their full range and they will also be available at Dean’s Court in their pop-up shop from Tuesday 14th – Saturday 18th July 2020.


Deodorant: Your Nature

I absolutely love Your Nature deodorant that comes in cute brown eco packaging with different beautiful coloured mandalas. My absolute favourite smell is the Cedarwood and Grapefruit but, I really am a sucker for anything Grapefruit or Woody! You can pass me a Cedarwood incense stick any day and i’ll be happy!

Available From: YourNature 
You can purchase from Preserve on Gloucester Road.


Wax wraps: Vegan Food Wraps

Moving away from the bathroom and into the kitchen. Being a massive foodie whenever there is food left over (rare occasions) then these are my go-to wraps to keep food fresh, acting as a great alternative to cling film. With 3 different sized packs, a family bundle or even a bits and bobs pack, they have got you covered (I just couldn’t resist a pun)!

Available From: Vegan Food Wraps  

Keep Cup: Huski Home

With a strong caffeine addiction this cup rarely leaves my side, whether it is filled with my fave coffee shop brews or my own it is a great option that means you’ll never need a takeaway cup again. With a lot of coffee shops and cafes now looking to charge for takeaway cups and even Boston Tea Party (a Bristol original) having banned takeaway cups from their cafes I think we’re all moving in the right direction.

Available From: Huski Home 

Tea Bags:

Who knew that a lot of tea bags actually contain harmful chemicals?! So when you are putting them in your compost hoping that they will decompose into the ground you are actually leaching harmful chemicals into the soil! Crazy!
There are a lot of tea companies that I love but wanted to give a special shout-out to Teapigs for being the first brand to receive the world’s first plastic-free trust mark, created by the campaign group A Plastic Planet in May 2018. These biodegradable bags are made from cornstarch, while the paper tags use vegetable inks and are, you’ll be glad to read, non-toxic. Don’t be dismayed when you open your box, as even the clear “plastic” inner bag (made from Natureflex) is compostable too!


Shopping bags:

This one is such a simple one but can really make a difference. I up-cycle bags, have long-life shopping bags and lots of beautiful cotton tote bags, as well as, backpacks to make sure that I’m always doing my bit! And times when I don’t have a bag on me then I am that person walking out of a shop with my hands and arms bursting with shopping because I refuse to take a plastic bag!

Most zero waste shops in Bristol have great options but we also love looking on Etsy to support small independent makers.


Book to inspire you to be plastic free: 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste

Going plastic free can be hard and daunting but don’t fear, 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste by Kathryn Kellogg, offers tips, DIY recipes and more to help you make small changes to then make a big impact.

Available From: Amazon