Vegan ‘BLT’ Savoury Crepe

Food should be about having fun and all your family and friends getting involved. There’s no better way to do this than getting the old frying pan out and making crepes that can be stuffed with all your favourite fillings. Here’s our vegan ‘BLT’ crepe recipe!

Eating a Plant Based Diet- Cassie Amber

Are you considering changing to a plant based diet? Let our lovely guest blogger, fitness guru and plant based social media advocate Cassie Amber tell you about her journey!

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate for breakfast is a must! And there’s no better way to indulge than devouring a delicious vegan chocolate smoothie bowl like this one! Topped with Norty Choc Hazelnut butter, this ones a clear winner!

Vegan Peanut Butter and Date Protein Balls

Who doesn’t love a mouthful of gooey caramel goodness with a crunchy roasted peanut kick? If you answered ‘hell yeah’ then this is the recipe for you! We’ve made you a Norty recipe to help fuel your daily activities!