Why We’re Proud to Use Organic Ingredients at Norty

Why We’re Proud to Use Organic Ingredients at Norty

Here at Norty we think it’s cool to care. We don’t just care about you guys reading this, we care about our planet too, which is why we’re proud to choose organic ingredients in our Norty nut butters, puddings and drink blends. So this #OrganicSeptember we wanted to shout about why organic is important to us!


What does organic even mean though as this can often be misunderstood and misinterpreted?


We thought we’d put some facts together to help you navigate what it really means and why it’s so important to our planet


Organic farming works with nature and not against it, which is how it should be, right?!

Organic farmers abide by strict regulations which include saying no to synthetic pesticides and takes a hard pass on herbicides like Glyphosate (produced by Monsanto, the much condemned and controversial agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation)

Most farming nowadays is disruptive to our ecosystem, depletes the soil and can lead to contamination of surrounding nature, organic farming diversifies crops, improves animal welfare and works to protect local wildlife, pretty cool hey. Organic food also contains no genetically modified ingredients or artificial colours and preservatives, providing you more of the good stuff, a big cheers to that!


Fact 1:

Organic is better for wildlife– who doesn’t love seeing the bees buzz by in the summer and spotting butterflies among the hedgerows. Organic farming nurtures our nature and minimises deforestation and instead supports wildlife to thrive.


Fact 2:

Organic means healthy soils – this isn’t just better for bees, healthy soil helps keep carbon in the ground which stops it from contributing towards global warming. 


Fact 3:

It’s better for the planet – if all UK farms went organic the amount of carbon kept safe in the soil would be a startling equivalent to taking almost 1 million cars off the road! Yes you read that right, 1 million cars!


That’s all for now folks!


If you want more info on organic living and sustainable farming, our fellow Bristol residents The Soil Association are smashing it with their hard work to bring a fairer food system to the UK.


In the meantime, why not try buying Organic and help support the planet.


Vics and the Norty Team