XR too Far?

XR too Far?

With the rise in media interest, the environmental issue we face has become one of the every day talking points for news agendas and in casual conversation.

As an all vegan, soy free company we aim to be paving the way for more small (and large!) businesses to become more sustainably conscious, for our sake and the planet. One of the leading initiators of the conversation we really have to recognise as Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunburg.

Being based in Bristol we at Norty HQ have experienced a lot of XR Protesting and Propaganda, and generally it’s well received, Which cant be said for the protest that occurred this week in London. XR have been seriously scrutinised for a lack of empathy for the working class and combatting the wrong audience. We had a lot of questions when reading about the event about why the protestors chose to target one of the most environmental methods of transport and the working class individual rather than larger contributors however, the have fulfilled their agenda, which is to get us talking. Protests aren’t supposed to be convenient for those involved, but to make a statement and get people questioning and did it? Enough to have us blogging about it too!

What can I do?

There are so many statistics floating around about the environmental impact of both the dairy and meat farming industry, some articles claiming it to be the largest contributor to climate change. Our founder Elspeth recently featured on the Victoria Darbyshire Show on the BBC discussing the impact of unsustainable soy farming and the dairy industry. Not only is it fantastic to have Els use her voice to speak up for an important issue but recognising the everyday media demand to discuss topics concerning the environment. Elspeth made an important point that we (yes, you… me too) the consumer have an important decision to make every day when we make purchases. If we choose to support unsustainable, or we are conscious of what we’re buying and where it comes from. We all vote with our wallets, How do you vote with yours?

There are loads of ways you can make an impact to improve your carbon footprint with little steps. From simply changing up your diet with less meat and dairy products (even just once a week if you can!) to recycling and buying less pre-packaged goods with air miles and so much more.

What do you think about XR and their agenda and how do you do your bit to help with your carbon footprint? Tweet us @NortyVegans