Hey there! My name is Cassie Amber and I am a holistic nutritionist, fitness model and plant-based
diet advocate! Around two years ago I healed my own digestive issues through experimenting with
diet, which is why I’m so passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and improving their
lives as a whole!

I truly believe that the starting point of everything in your life begins with how you fuel your body.
If you’re feeling your best, you will have more confidence to network and socialise, more energy
and productivity throughout the day which equals a better output of work and career progression.
Not to mention being able to enjoy all that life has to offer with nothing holding you back!

Alongside modelling, photography, writing meal plans, hiking, and going on adventures, one of
my other passions is COOKING! I have included links to some of my favourite recipes so you can
make them for yourself at home!

1. Mexican Black Bean Corn Stuffed Sweet Potato, with Lemon Guacamole and Spicy Salsa
2. Cassie’s Crazy Salted Caramel Peanut Slice
3. The Best Caesar Salad You Will Ever Taste
4. Cake Batter Bliss Balls
5. Crowd Pleaser Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

My Plant-Based Journey

The first thing I actually gave up was cows milk when I was about 17 because I discovered it was
clogging up my throat and making me cough a lot! I switched to plant-milk and never looked back!
It tastes so much better anyway!

My turning point was the ‘What The Health’ documentary as it was a huge eye opener about the
corrupt politics in the meat and dairy industry, which have marketed certain products to us our
entire lives! We need milk for calcium and meat for protein – how could we know any better?
For the first year I ate one cheat-meal a month while I eased into it, then as time went on I started

to crave it less and less. Now I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at. The biggest changes I noticed
are how ‘clean’ you feel internally, and you never feel uncomfortably bloated and full. It is also
incredibly easy to maintain a healthy weight as plants are so much lower in calories and other
ingredients that inhibit you from reaching your goals, compared to animal products and processed
food. I’m not super strict with it and find following it 90% of the time perfectly fits with my lifestyle.

Social Media

I have really zoned in on using online platforms to spread my message to a wider audience over the last two years. It is the place where I can express my creativity through cooking up a storm, practicing photography, writing captions with depth and inspiring people as I go. I love sharing what I do and I love seeing the changes others make to their lifestyle after seeing my content. It is truly heart-warming and an opportunity to connect.

What I’ve Learnt So Far

To really just stay in your own lane and understand that no two people are the same. Each individual has different values, different reasons for doing certain things, different priorities and different lifestyles. I don’t like anything being forced on me such as religion, so I don’t like to force my beliefs on anyone else. I find the best way is to plant the seed in other people’s minds through showcasing delicious food, being the best person you can be, looking and feeling fantastic. That’s how we will change (and save) the world.

Where To Next?

I’m currently working on building on growing my holistic nutrition and wellness brand every single day! I love what I do so much that I have taken it full time as it brings me so much passion and purpose in life. I have just launched my very first 6-week group nutrition program which I will plan to host again before summer. I have started writing meal plans for people to assist in their healthy eating habits and spark creativity in the kitchen.

It is my goal to be living proof that eating well doesn’t have to be hard or miserable, and that a whole-foods plant-based diet is an ideal choice for athlete performance and to thrive in every area of life.

Forget about what society says you’re ‘supposed to do’ and start actually tuning in with your own body. The results will speak for themselves!


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