In all honesty, it has taken all 21 years of my very existence to truly realise the value and
importance of great friendships. I say “great” friendships, because the difference between a
“good” and “great” friendship can be immeasurable. Surrounding yourself with those
people who bring out the absolute best in you is vital, especially when you’re moving up in
the world and you don’t have as many opportunities to spend endless time with friends.
Make those short moments matter, spend time doing things you both enjoy and put a smile
on each other’s faces. One way I demonstrate my love for people is by making things for
them, surprising them with a little gift every once in a while, and this usually comes in the
form of a sweet treat. This will come as no surprise that I lather most of my sweet treats in
Norty nut butter – it is a complete crowd favourite and my friends always get totally
overexcited when I present them with my newest nutty creation! Random acts of kindness
are a subtle addition to friendships that go a very long way and will always be remembered
in years to come.


With all that in mind, the most important advice I can give you to finish this off is to make a
best friend in yourself. It is very easy to prioritise other people and forget about looking
after yourself and maintaining the friendship with that little voice in your head. Being your
own best friend is more important than anything. You are just as important as every other
one of your friends out in the world.


So, here’s the punchline. Treat yourself as your own best friend – make a batch of nutty
brownies and save each and every one of them for yourself! Enjoy being selfish for a short
moment, because sometimes it is completely and utterly necessary!