It’s national smoothie bowl day! My name is Scarlett Wilson (also known as @fitnesswithfruit on Instagram and YouTube) and if you know me, I can’t go a day without smoothie bowls or nicecream!

I created my Instagram, youtube and healthy vegan recipe ebook to inspire, motivate and share my love for veganism, fitness and nutrition in the hope to break the stigmas of veganism being boring and the inability to thrive, build muscle or stay/become fit and healthy through the power of plants!

A few things I love about this lifestyle is not only are you creating drastic positive impacts in terms of preventing unnecessary animal suffering, you are also not contributing to climate injustice, preventing species extinction and tackling world hunger. If this wasn’t enough already, the extended benefits come into your own wellness. By following a balanced wholefood plant-based diet, it has been proven that you can lower cholesterol levels, reduce your risk of chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancers such prostate and breast.


And the best thing is… you can do this through a whole variety of foods that are just as or even tastier than animal products, to live your life in complete abundance!

Now back to #nationalsmoothiebowl day, here is one of my favourite smoothie bowls topped with the delicious Norty salted caramel cashew butter which takes it to a whole new level!



200g Frozen mango

2 Frozen nectarine

140g Frozen cherries

10g Maca powder



20g Norty salted caramel cashew butter

150g Sliced fresh strawberries

15g Dried cherries

15g Dried mango



  1. Slice the fresh strawberries and prepare all the toppings
  2. Add all the base ingredients into the blender cup and blend until there is no lumps and a smooth but thick smoothie bowl consistency has formed.
  3. Pour the base into your bowl, smooth it down with the back of our spoon and place the strawberries, dried mango and cherries on top
  4. Finally, (the most important step) take an large spoonful of Norty salted caramel cashew butter and drizzle it all over the top and indulge in salted caramel heaven!