A Little About Norty

Our Planet, Your Health = What we encourage

At Norty we believe in looking after ourselves, each other and the planet. We have a zero waste policy in our kitchen and source the majority of our products from Cooperatives and suppliers that share our ethos of limiting our impact to the place we are lucky enough to call home. To this end all of our Nut Butters are in glass which makes the postage costs higher but we believe that this is a small price to pay for the bigger, more positive effect that this will have.

We actively encourage you to Upcycle, Recycle or Reuse our jars and have put together some suggestions of how you can do this.

Upcycle – I love to get creative here and use the jars as tea lights, for trinkets and shells from the beach, storing sewing bits and pieces, kids crayons, pencil/pen holder, make-up brushes, jewellery, grow plants in them, use them as an alternative drinking glass!

Recycle – Our jars are made from glass which are widely recyclable and can normally be put in your recycling box. The lids are sometimes accepted as well though they do have a special seal around the top to help minimise leaks which means they can be slightly harder to recycle. Please check with your recycling collection lorry to see if they recycle them. Most local recycling depots have a collection point for them so please do check and store them up for the next time you go.

Reuse – We love reusing our jars at home, they are great as spice jars or for storing snacks like nuts and seeds, for making overnights oats for breakfast on the go, storing carrot sticks for snacks and houmous for that matter!