Norty Chocoholics Rejoice


We think the title says it all, but let’s break it down a little. We have just created the Ultimate Chocoholics Nut Butter Bundle ever! Are you a Chocoholic or know a Chocoholic? Well we created this one for you. Just for you.

Here’s the line up:

Chocolate Hazelnut Nut Butter, liquid Ferrero Rocher; it’s true this is now a real thing!

Chocolate Orange, we had always loved Terry’s so thought why not create the liquid Vegan version. This is now a real thing too!

Chocolate & Coffee, this is how I transitioned to liking coffee when I was young. Before that I would try sips of my mums coffee and always hated the smell and taste! Oh how things have changed! Chocolate & Coffee will always be a match made in heaven. We’ve made this nut butter with small pieces of crunchy coffee beans so you can get a nice intense coffee hit when you are eating.

Add to your basket now for Ultimate Sexy Flavour.