Pudding Pot Bundles

3 = £10 / 6 = £18

This selection gives you one of each pudding pot or, if you’re feeling extra Norty and want to get a special offer, then have two of each flavour instead!

Banoffee Pudding Pot
A dairy-free twist on a much-loved British dessert. A crunchy oat base, layered with a sweet date and banana caramel, cashew nut creaminess and a dusting of cacao.

Choc Orange Pudding Pot
Calling all chocolate orange lovers! A crunchy oat base, covered by a rich chocolatey cacao layer and zingy orange and cashew nut creaminess, topped with orange coconut sprinkles.

Salted Choc Pudding Pot
An indulgent but guilt-free pudding for when you want be Norty, not naughty! A crunchy oat base, layered with a gooey date caramel and salted chocolate cashew nut creaminess, finished with a handcrafted chocolate topping.


For nutritional information, including ingredients and allergy advice, head over to each individual product page.